Sunday, April 15, 2012

Riveting this Isn't

Several weeks ago my former gay artist neighbor (let me clarify... he is still gay and an artist.. just not my neighbor) who I knew only a bit socially, came to my house. Like a strange episode of "Queer Eye" he almost immediately began moving my furniture about after I mentioned my problem of too many chairs. When he left I moved everything around about 5 more times before settling on a configuration very similar to what he had suggested in the first place. Of course.
It's nice for a change and I enjoy tweaking little things like pictures, stuff on display.. etc. This still needs more tweaking, but I've lost interest for the moment.

And....Yes... it's another post with Gardens stuff.
Here's the deal though. Since 80% of my life down here is all that secret ninja cold fusion research I don't talk about, I'm left with little else about which to blog.

I Could tell you about the various SFTs I've been making. (super fat tops, for those of you wondering) But that would involve images of me, the tops and eventually... shame.

I Could tell you about how selfish I feel after the stressed and harried two weeks of hosting and counseling someone in my home. But that would involve too much explanation... and eventually.. shame.

I Could show you the mess that my office and home have become after months of neglect and weird avoidance, but that is instant shame.

So... Garden it is!

This little shrub I planted within days of moving into my house here two years ago. An OCD documenter of all things mine that grow, of course I have been monitoring its progress. The first picture is the day I planted it 2 years and one month ago. The last picture is it today.

The plan to screen the neighbors is close to being a reality. Hurrah!


The Desiree said...

Ohh it's sooo close you can taste it! Next year right. Well until then you are doing a splendid job with the vases. I love hearing from you even if you think you have nothing to say.

michandler said...

I saw the 2nd picture and thought what the heck is she talking about. it's not even close to blocking the neighbor. Then I realized there were more pictures. Your wall looks darker in that last picture. Is that just the lighting or did you paint it another color??

Smith's said...

I love all things gardening and I thought the same thing as Miste! We must be related!

crazy lady said...

So...If I were to post a before and after photo of things I have planted it would involve strangulation of poor planted "object" by masses of grass and weeds. And just look at all the gorgeous color you have there surround the privacy plant. It IS indeed a lovely spot.
And your former neighbor/ currently still gay neighbor got you going on a fun new arrangement.
I am afraid I missed out on the weed-free, gorgeous garden gene and most definitely on the move stuff around and change things one. Chuck is better at that than I am...And just WHAT the heck does that say about me!?!